Guardian Ecosystem
SuperCharge Your Web3 Experience.
Guardian has everything businesses and financial service providers need to connect, operate and grow securely on blockchain. Backup and manage your assets, transact with confidence.

Guardian protects your treasury assets and your community.
About Ecosystem
Manage, Backup and Transact.
Use Vault to manage and control your own assets, and create instant wallets for your users to manage theirs. Use Keyper to backup and recover. Use Lending Vault to manage lending, rental and collateral.
Ultimate Dynamic Protection
Complete Protection across Web3.
Extend your existing cloud infrastructure into blockchain and tokenisation. Our ‘no-code’ solution, enterprise grade API’s and SDK’s, are easy to deploy to connect enterprise cloud and blockchains seamlessly together.
Backup with Keyper
Guardian's Keyper dApp protects your assets using secure, fully decentralised social recovery.

Prevent your entire portfolio of digital assets being lost or stolen.
Transact with Router
Router is lightning fast, ultra secure and manipulation-proof.

'Best settlement’ through trusted nodes minimises fees, eradicates MEV and all other common pre-settlement attacks.
Manage Assets with Vault
Vault offers an easy to use composable solution, securing your digital assets — simplifying your daily treasury tasks.

Vault is our ultimate control hub for digital asset operations.
Institutional Digital Assets Console
Guardian Vault
Vault’s Enforceable Policy Engine is the ultimate governance layer for your treasury operations. Configure granular transaction policies for every type of operation, for a flexible transaction and multi-wallet governance framework to meet your risk requirements.
Transaction approvals can be authorised directly from Vault’s mobile app or automated via API for high volume operations. Quickly scale without increasing your underlying costs.
Vault’s intuitive no-code drag and drop policy engine allows you to configure approval workflows, roles, scope, and governance for API keys, transactions, additional wallets and your client vaults.
Secure your Assets
Vault is most secure, powerful and composable digital asset treasury, eliminating all private key compromises. 
MPC inside hardened secure hardware enclaves certified to FIPS 140-Level 4 for quantum-proof protection.
Build your Rules
Uniquely, Vault on-chain policy is trustless, enforceable and manipulation-proof using four-eyes+ principles. Protect your digital asset operations from internal collusion and attackers with flexible controls and limits with our intuitive no-code builder.
Vault’s decentralised MPC does more than threshold signing — it can apply business logic and oracles to signing keys.

Hybrid Custody is the best of non-custodial and custodial, ready for true peer to peer consumer and institutional lending, escrow, clearing and collateral services on-chain.
Don’t rely on manual, in-person, or in-code policy rules that are difficult to configure and inflexible.

Vault is the only decentralised and trustless policy enforcement solution that automates governance policies for user and transaction rules.
Intuitive Asset Recovery
Guardian Keyper
Keyper is the new standard for recovering seed phrases and secrets. No-one can ever see, store or copy your secret. With Keyper never lose your seed phrase or assets again.
No-one can ever see, store or copy your secret. Safer than password mangers, in the cloud or writing it down.
Removes Single Points of Failure: Prevents your entire portfolio of digital assets from being lost, stolen, or hacked.
Your Guardians don’t hold your secret or know of each other, nor does Keyper. Collusion is impossible.
“Heartbeat” monitors the integrity and readiness of your circle to assist, for seed phrase and device recovery.
Swiftly change or swap out Guardians and their devices. Stay a step ahead of potential threats.
Transact with Confidence and Integrity
Guardian Router
Router dynamically identifies and selects the most reliable, high-performing nodes, ensuring the best transaction experience every time.
Guardian’s reputation sub-nets form a trusted cohort of validators across chains by constant mutual assessment to give a clear view transaction integrity and execution quality to optimise settlement.
Trilemma Solved
GuardianRank's gossip protocol quickly transmits information through multiple nodes simultaneously to reach consensus significantly faster and cheaper than other blockchain networks.
Zero Censorship
Router is faster, cheaper and more secure that any other relay or cross-chain bridge available. Transact without MEV premiums, through fear of arbitrage, sandwich attacks or forced liquidation.
Powered by Reputation
Guardian delivers a consensus paradigm shift with Proof of Reputation (PoR). Our protocol GuardianRank enhances the reliability and accountability of validators and their transactions optimising settlement.
Dynamic Protection
Your Complete Interoperable Solution
Guardian is built for high performance - completely decentralised, manipulation-poof, lightweight, infinitely scalable and chain-agnostic. We have everything you need to safely interact with blockchain.

Define your on-chain experience, Guardian puts you in control.
Backup with Keyper
With Guardian’s Keyper never lose your seed phrase or assets again.
Manage Assets with Vault
Vault - the most secure and powerful digital asset treasury management.
Transact with Router
Router guarantees transaction integrity and best settlement for interoperable cross-chain transactions.
Lending Vault: Learn More
Complete protection across Web3.
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