On-Chain Lending
Guardian's platform powers lending and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) markets. For Gaming, Consumer Lending and Tokenised RWA and DeFi.
Default Protection
Loan Enforcement
Asset Recovery
Loan Security
On-Chain Lending & Credit
Guardian isn't just for gaming. Guardian's bank-grade certified lending vaults are perfect for all types of on-chain lending, credit and counterparty risk management.
Guardian solves the broken credit layer for tokenized assets
Uniquely programmable and enforceable
Any term structure
Any instrument
Any asset class
Any chain
Peer-to-peer & pool
Programmable On-Chain Finance: the Future of DeFi
Solving counterparty risk
Greater netting benefit
More capital efficiency
Lower credit and gap risk
Automated and instant asset repossession
On-chain Prime and Portfolio Finance
Asset-backed Lending
Defi Credit and Finance
On-Chain Lending Vault
On-Chain Gaming
Unlock Adoption, Yield & Liquidity
Guardian's unique rental approach is a simple effective solution that increases on-chain gaming adoption and monetization.

Safe, non custodial and collateral-free lending, is a fundamental enabler of in-game economies. Guardian benefits gamers, lenders, developers and networks.

Only Guardian allows for loan terms tailored for specific games and their users.
GameFi and NFT Non-Custodial, Collateral Free Rental Demonstration
Attract and Retain More Users
Through a single connection to Guardian games can design customizable no code services, leverage hardened MPC, maximize efficiency and grow revenues. Access liquidity, capital and expertise.
Unique and Disruptive
Our unique enforceable lending of tokenized assets provide a safer, more efficient, secure transaction and settlement mechanism. Guardian is the gateway to the next generation of programmable finance.
Transform Your Business Model
Guardian abstracts the complexity facing web3, games and marketplaces looking to incorporate NFT rental and lending — we monetize and transform your business model removing barriers to adoption — making it accessible, inclusive and safe for all.
Monetise, Automate and Scale
Guardian empowers your gamers to transact, stake, borrow and lend seamlessly on the blockchain. Any game, studio or marketplace can compose rules to automate lending and enforce on-chain.
Gamers access assets with little upfront cost
Lenders earn yields without risk
Studios see increased revenue and engagement
Lending Vault
Guardian also helps manage on-chain lending agreements with an integrated console as the ultimate governance layer for your transactions and lending controls.

Configure granular policies for every type of credit, design flexible no-code term and governance controls to meet your risk requirements.
Manipulation Proof Automation
Coordinate actions between multiple parties. No one can change the terms without the asset owners’ or issuers approval. Guardian’s on-chain policy engine neutrally govern assets, enforce rights and obligations.

Manage Credit and Collateral
Embed lending and other financing services without custodians. Establish markets for all types of finance without counterparty risk.
Create new products and services to increases revenue.
Lender Control
Lenders can set terms and asset lifecycle events. Policy enforcement rules allow participants to restrict use and take possession of collateral should mutually agreed conditions dictate. Lending Vault facilitates secondary liquidity.
Benefits for Borrowers
Borrowers can get access to the entire asset pool. No collateral is set aside meaning true agility. Remove rehypothecation or credit risk to lender. Lending Vault is the perfect non-custodial securitisation vehicle.
Hybrid Custody
No single party has exclusive control - neither fully custodial nor self-custody. It’s ‘Joint’ or ‘Hybrid’ custody. Lending Vault eliminates the vulnerabilities of self custody and the dependencies of third party custody.
Set Your Term Structure
Lending Vault also allows the asset owner or the issuer to set the rules governing their assets and always verify that they are being followed. Vault is decentralised on-chain, trustless, transparent and verifiable by all parties.
Lending Console
Secure lending across Web3
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